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2013, Zeitgeist, and Things....

Living in New York seems to have been a game changer in the way I think and make. Everything in studio is rapidly changing... And fast. The two main bodies of work that I am devoting my time to this semester will be centered on the process of engendering children in this age of technology and sexual freedom. What this consists will undoubtably change in my head, I am sure of that. This being said... The paintings I am posting today heavily deal with gun control, and the presence of masculinity and femininity in violence today. I was shocked to read that out of 62 mass shootings in the past 30 years in the United States 61 were done by men. Coupled with the Pentagon's decision to allow women in combat and Governor Cuomo's gun laws I believe that the issue within guntrol and gender are compelling. Hopefully these thoughts function as a springboard for conversation on these works in progress...! More to come!

Here is a work in progress... Words.

Humanity maintains a distinct and collective need to document records of existence, for future life. Compiled, this information assumes an identity of its own, affected by time, space and social constructs. The process of knitting and braiding, particularly for women, has been a long history and well documented. The artists uses quilts and braids as a aesthetic tool of flamboyance as a cover for the complex nature of memory, Ideal, and reality.  The making of an art object has very much to do with the Ideal. The Ideal is defined as the conception of an archetype, or creating a standard. In relationship to this work the Ideal is used as related to the creation of the model of femininity. All humans are engaged in resisting or being part of domesticity in daily life. The artist finds, chooses, and is often given a used object that has been used and informed by some level of domesticity. The objects are then reinterpreted and used to create a final new product. Each object, such


The process of moving to the east coast and attempting to kick ass in grad school has been a daunting one. In that process of growing, stretching, and ass kicking (not always one my part) I have embedded myself in feminist theory. Not defining feminism like our mothers did, but as issues that women are interested in. I hope as my work  grows, and morphs you will go on this ride with me. My artist statement is not quite up to par, so you will have to wait awhile on that one, but know that it is a rapidly changing process and it is moving as fast as Sonic. I am not always ready for the ideas that come my way so as I process them- I will clue you in! Also I am working with a very good friend on redoing my website and revamping this blog as well as other social media- so again I pray for you patience!