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Gather, Reflect, Purge

Lovely way of describing my process I know... I had and have a wonderful mentor and friend who once told me that my strength was in my absorption and fairly rapid "regurgitation." I am sure that Ari said it more elegantly than that, but you get the picture. So, in the constant stimulus, ebb and flow of living I have come full circle at the end of my first year in grad school. The newer things you will see on this post seem to be the summation of things learned in New York. Warning: some of these images have a slightly sensitive nature- in that they deal with sexual harassment, female identity, and body image. I give you a warning only because my work has centered around play and production and construction of identity- so these things may seem vulgar. And indeed they are- the small paintings contain short phrases that men have said to me since moving to the east coast. As for the rest- some writing about them will follow later this week!