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Words are just letters put together...

For  long time I have been messing around with poetry and the way language functions as an art form. I do not believe this is profound, but here are a few word banks that I have been operating from. These two are about specific pieces and processes that have been posted already so as to not repeat myself no images today! childhood, faith,  narrative, mess, head,  heart,  home, sex, gender, history, narrative, story, femininity, responsibility, grass, story, family, fear boogie man,  story, fear,  growing,  graffiti,  discard,  knitting,  weaving,  belonging,  fairy tale, dirt,  stains,  history,  sleep,  sex,  thread,  tail,  trail,  body,  destruction I believe with all that I am that breaking down the wall between artist and viewer is at the center of making good art. So I hope that as I continue to post things about my process, you have the opportunity to dig deeper into the work I am sharing.