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Introducing Artsy Fartsy Podcast

If you have spent any length of time with me, you know I love podcasts. If I was Oprah, podcasts would be on the list of My Favorite Things every year. If you also have spent time with me you know I love to talk. Put these two great loves together and add a splash of artist and designer, Taylor Barstow, and you have a podcast in the making! I am super proud and excited to announce the launching of the first season of the Artsy Fartsy Podcast! In this pod, Taylor and I will  dig through our art school toolbox and share with each other (and you) bits of literature, art history, and processes of art every other week. I hope you will join us art nerds on a plethora of tangents, diatribes and great art talk. Our first episode will be release on July 14th, you can find our podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Feel like the name Artsy Fartsy is cheesy? Yeah, we do too. Growing up in the Midwest, this term has been used to describe each of us our entire lives, by family, t

Quarantine Residency

From March 29th-April 11th 2020, I was scheduled and anticipating a residency with the Vermont Studio Center. Being a full-time worker in an essential non-profit, I was thrilled to have the time and space to create without other obligations during these two weeks. As COVID-19 changed the world seemingly overnight, this opportunity became much more distant.  In Wisconsin, Safer At Home was scheduled until April 30th, it has now been extended to May 26th. My office moved home as well as my studio. In a home that is being renovated out of foreclosure, this has been a lot to ask from this 100 year old construction. I moved my paints and supplies into the attic. The third floor of our home has space, but no heat or light other than windows. The bulk of my work is being done from this space, however our dining room table has been asked to now become an office, conference center, studio, folding table, as well as a place to eat too.  I decided to make March 29th-April 11th, what would