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Patterning Behavior...

Psychologists and Behavioral analysts talk about behavior patterns all of the time. Often it relates to the patterns of children and (if you're like me and love true crime) criminals. The way we move through life is learned and created second by second. This absolutely fascinates me. I think about my own human movements and whether or not we have learned how to "stir pots" our own way or if we simply echo the pot stirring techniques of our mothers and fathers. Some folks seem to have a muscle memory for changing diapers while others wrestle a toddler like an alligator. When I find myself repeating phrases I heard as a child, or see myself walking in the reflection of glass I wonder if certain things are truly my choice. Am I really my own person? I think about patterned behavior as it relates to femininity and masculinity and the complication of both of those things by communities. Being from the Midwest- people behave in very specific ways, the dress in certain ways