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New Work, More Resolution...

Some of you may remember the paintings from my last "781" post... Comments on them ranged from sadness, laughter, and thoughts about rap lyrics. In reality, the language was in reference to my body; said by my coworkers. As an artist I do not feel it is my job to point fingers, but instead call attention. In the calling to the forefront of thought, it is cathartic for me to get rid of the jumble of words that bouncing around my head that has been thrown at me. Whether or not we want to talk about it sexual harassment has long term effects on the recipient. The chairs are a stand in for the human. A viewer can understand them in shape, form, weight, and use. The words that were spoken are scared, stitched, and burnt into the chairs themselves- almost as a violation of their natural state, a way of defacing their surface. I tried to repeat the words said to me in ways that would either make them irrelevant or unrecognizable to their original meaning. For example, spending t