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It Can't Always be a Homerun...

So.... Whew... We are hitting the end if my third semester in grad school- and it's been a whirlwind. I am finding out I am glad this is a three year program and not anything less- not sure I could have done it in two... I wanted to show you an installation from a guerrilla show we did on campus in the sculpture building. This was a group show with some of my favorite pals, we have to come to call our artist collective the Bootgang. I used the opportunity to make the largest installation I have made to date. This apparently does not mean the best- bigger isn't always better. Critiques of this piece have mostly been about superficial confusion. Much talk has been about prop making, micro and macro understanding of my own narrative. Basically, I didn't give the viewers enough to dig into, but they were impressed by scale and ambition. This is not exactly what an artist wants to hear, but it is a learning point.  So without and further ado, the best learning expe